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Current Rx Burning

Agency Project Name Acres Type Est. Time of Ignition Legal Descriptive Location County Burn Boss Comments Updated
UPF - North Fire Zone
No Burning Today                 6-Jun-2018 18:00:14
UPF - South Fire Zone
Curtis 26 64 Underburn   T29S R1W S26 TL 2980 rd. Douglas Sara Billings - DIV-21 Mop-up 2-Jul-2018 16:47:37
CBD - Coos Bay BLM
No Burning Today                 7-Feb-2018 14:37:35
ROD - Roseburg BLM
No Burning Today                 7-Feb-2018 14:37:53

OR-RIC Information

Updated: 22-Sep-2018 7:53:18
On Call Dispatcher = Donna Snyder       WCOFM Duty Officer = Riva Duncan
RICC Resources / Comments = Dispatch hours: 0700-1900.
Oregon Smoke Management Forecast and Instruction

Fiscal Year-to-Date Rx Burning Statistics

Agency Number of Projects Acres
North Fire Zone7164
South Fire Zone00
Coos Bay BLM00
Roseburg BLM00
Umpqua National Forest7164
Bureau of Land Management00
OR-RIC Total7164
Updated 2-Jul-2018 16:47:37 by the South Fire Zone