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Current Rx Burning

Agency Project Name Acres Type Est. Time of Ignition Legal Descriptive Location County Burn Boss Comments Updated
UPF - North Fire Zone
No Burning Today                 31-Jan-2023 16:23:22
UPF - South Fire Zone
No Burning Today                 26-Jan-2023 10:34:24
CBD - Coos Bay BLM
No Burning Today                 8-Dec-2022 7:13:29
ROD - Roseburg BLM
No Burning Today                 18-Jan-2023 6:14:15

OR-RIC Information

Updated: 2-Feb-2023 14:59:52
On Call Dispatcher = Darla Haynes 541-670-7213       Umpqua Duty Officer = Ken Powell CH2
RICC Resources / Comments = Dispatch hours: 5 day staffing M-F 0730-1730
Oregon Smoke Management Forecast and Instruction

Fiscal Year-to-Date Rx Burning Statistics

Agency Number of Projects Acres
North Fire Zone11153
South Fire Zone080
Coos Bay BLM00
Roseburg BLM321
Umpqua National Forest11233
Bureau of Land Management321
OR-RIC Total14254
Updated 31-Jan-2023 16:23:22 by the North Fire Zone