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Duty Officer Duty Officer Night Engines in Service Crews in Service Other Resources Comments Updated
North Fire Zone
Brian Smith (BC 3-1)Brian Smith (BC 3-1)402-Type 4 engines,1-WT, 1-FALM and 1-Type 2 Crew will arrive in AM and be part of East TFLD, TFLD will call them in service with identifiers.For all non-fire related issues please contact the District Ranger at 760-920-9480 or Deputy District Ranger at 458-280-2691. If they are unavailable contact the Duty Officer7-Jun-2023 10:22:07
South Fire Zone
Jeremy DeLack - DIV2Jeremy DeLack - DIV231 M-TH 0630-1700 7-Jun-2023 7:04:09
Coos Bay DistrictSpencer Gregory DIV5Spencer Gregory DIV5   541-464-3399 DO phone26-Aug-2022 16:56:11
Roseburg DistrictSpencer Gregory DIV5Spencer Gregory DIV5   541-464-3399 Fire DO26-Aug-2022 16:56:22

OR-RIC Information

Updated 6-Jun-2023 12:20:11
OR-RIC On Call Dispatcher = Nicole Hansen 541-957-3325
Umpqua Duty Officer = Ken Powell 541-999-9295
BLM Duty Officer = Spencer Gregory (DO Line 541-464-3399)

Coos Bay BLM Agency Administrator = Steve Lydick (DM)
  • Myrtlewood Agency Administrator = Scott Hoeffs Acting FM; AADM
  • Umpqua Agency Administrator = Eric Baxter Acting FM; AADM
Roseburg BLM Agency Administrator = Heather Whitman
  • South River Agency Administrator = Sarah Bickford; AADM
  • Swiftwater Agency Administrator = Acting FM Cheyne Rossbach; AADM Heather Whitman
Umpqua NF Agency Administrator = Alice Carlton
  • Cottage Grove Agency Administrator = Alice Carlton
  • Diamond Lake Agency Administrator = Alice Carlton
  • North Umpqua Agency Administrator = Alice Carlton/Jake Winn
  • Tiller Agency Administrator = Alice Carlton/Gabe Wishart
OR-RIC Resources/Comments = Dispatch hours: 0730-1800, 7 day staffing

Public Use Restrictions - Umpqua NF =
Public Use Restrictions - Douglas Forest Protection Association =
Public Use Restrictions - Coos Forest Protection Association =
Public Use Restrictions - Roseburg BLM =
Public Use Restrictions - Coos Bay BLM =

National Preparedness Level = 2
Regional Preparedness Level = 1
Local Preparedness Level = 1
OR-RIC Staffing Level = None

Shared Resources

Air Attack =
Lead Plane =
Recon =
Helicopters =
Airtankers =

Rappellers =
Aircraft/Smokejumpers =
Wolf Creek IHC = Committed to Doris Creek OR-UPF

Incident Info

Fire Danger and Industrial Fire Precaution Level
Fire Danger Sign Fire Danger Sign Fire Danger Sign Fire Danger Sign Fire Danger Sign
Industrial Fire Precaution Level Industrial Fire Precaution Level Industrial Fire Precaution Level Industrial Fire Precaution Level Industrial Fire Precaution Level
Fire Danger Sign Fire Danger Sign Fire Danger Sign Fire Danger Sign  
Industrial Fire Precaution Level Industrial Fire Precaution Level Industrial Fire Precaution Level Industrial Fire Precaution Level  

Fire Weather Forecast for: Watches, Warnings or Advisories for:
ORZ617 Umpqua National Forest (ORZ617) Oregon
ORZ616 Umpqua Basin (ORZ616) Oregon
ORZ615 South Central Oregon Coast (ORZ615) Oregon

NWCC Intelligence
NWCC Daily Situation Report (.pdf)
Six Minutes for Safety
Map of Fire Danger Rating Areas

Fire Danger Operating Plans
Cottage Grove
North Umpqua
South Umpqua

OR-RIC Resource Availability

Resouce Available Unavailable Committed Rotation Comments
SMOD S Zone X 
UPF E-414 X 
UPF E-424 X 
UPF E-325 X 
UPF E-626 X 
UPF E-34 X 
UPF E-35 X 
UPF E-465 X 
UPF E-466 X 
UPF E-633 X 
CBD E-6601 X 
ROD E-4618  XEngine assigned to WA-CWC for 2022 Season
Updated 6-Jun-2023 12:15:06

OR-RIC Resource Availability Totals

Engines Crews Personnel Lookouts

OR-RIC Staffing Status

Comments: Dispatch Hours: 0730-1800, 7 day staffing. Hours will differ during active incidents.
Position Name
RICC Main Number 541-957-3325 ALL
Dispatch Center Manager 541-957-3303 Kaleigh Johnson
Assist. Center Manager 541-957-3327 Darla Haynes
Aircraft/IA Dispatcher 541-957-3253 Nicole Hansen
Expanded Dispatch 541-957-3460 EDSP Expanded
I/A Dispatcher 541-957-3300 Chanse Pierce
I/A Dispatcher 541-957-3326 Jessica Brown
I/A Dispatcher 541-957-3328 Harold Cruz
Dispatch Duty Officer 541-957-3325 Nicole Hansen
Fire Operations Terri Brown
Training Officer 541-440-4930 Garrett Davis
Umpqua Fire Staff 957-3371 John Szulc CH1
Umpqua Deputy Fire Staff Operations 957-3305 Ken Powell CH2
Coos Bay BLM AFMO 541-671-1816 Spencer Gregory
Roseburg BLM Acting FMO 541-900-4173 Spencer Gregory
Umpqua Forest Duty Officer Ken Powell CH2
Umpqua Deputy Fire Staff Fuels 957-3437 Sara Billings CH 3
Updated 7-Jun-2023 8:41:38

Year to Date Fire Statistics

Agency Number of Fires Acres Burned
Lightning Human Total Fires Lightning Human Total Acres
Cottage Grove RD 0 1 1 0.00    2.00    2.00   
Tiller RD 3 1 4 2.00    0.00    2.00   
Diamond Lake RD 1 1 2 0.20    0.10    0.30   
North Umpqua RD 1 0 1 0.10    0.00    0.10   
Coos Bay BLM 0 0 0 0.00    0.00    0.00   
Roseburg BLM 1 2 3 0.10    0.20    0.30   
Umpqua National Forest 5 3 8 2.30    2.10    4.40   
BLM 1 2 3 0.10    0.20    0.30   
OR-RIC Total 6 5 11 2.40    2.30    4.70   
Updated 4-Jun-2023 16:50:12